Meet Maria Zermeño

Founder and sole owner of Action Apparel. She is an entrepreneur, a designer, an accountant, and a yoga instructor. Her roots are purely Mexican, but Texas is where she calls home. Maria is a DACA Dreamer and understands that hard work is harder for some more than others.

“I designed Action Apparel in hopes to inspire others. Whether that be inspiration to speak, work, or move; if I did it, you can too.” -Maria

Action Apparel is an establishing community of power and comfort for the active lifestyle. Designed with care to overcome any and all battles. This is who we are:

This small company was founded in May of 2020 in South Texas, from Laredo to San Antonio. Action Apparel is privately owned by founder, Maria Zermeño. Initially, the apparel line was offered only for women, but is now expanding to help men move as well.

Our Values:
The most valuable things in life are often taken for granted. Our health, mobility, and the ability to flow are the greatest gifts of life. Therefore, we aim to inspire the value of our abilities and motivate you to move daily.

Action Apparel